Project Outcomes


1. E-Pathway: The Electronic Journey

E-Pathway stands as the first outcome of the FaVET project. It represents a digital journey tailored to enhance the competences of trainers in the online environment. Project partners meticulously crafted a competence framework and devised 60 micro-modules, constituting a unique curriculum on facilitation for trainers. An innovative aspect involves the creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) on “facilitation,” aiming to expedite the adoption of this practice by a broader community of trainers and teachers.

2. Serious Game and Escape Game

The second outcome includes two game-based tools developed within the project, emphasizing gamification and experiential learning.

The Serious Game is a digital platform created to assess the knowledge of teachers trained through the FaVET program by providing a gamified experience.

The Escape Game is an interactive game designed to address upskilling in the planning and execution of online learning processes for VET teachers and interested individuals.

Both tools offer an engaging approach to learning essential concepts related to online facilitation.

3. Guideline

The third outcome is a comprehensive guideline providing essential information about the project, its objectives, the target audience, the E-Pathway competences, learning activities, resources, and materials. It serves as a valuable reference for educators and stakeholders involved in vocational education and training.

Through these three distinct outcomes, the FaVET project offers a holistic approach to addressing challenges in vocational education, providing innovative tools and guidelines to enhance the quality of teaching and facilitation in the digital age.

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