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Gamification in education refers to the integration of game elements into educational activities to enhance engagement, motivation and learning outcomes. The goal is to make learning more enjoyable, interactive and effective by using elements commonly found in games, such as competition, rewards, challenges and progression. Gamification can be applied to various educational settings, from traditional classrooms to online courses.

Practically speaking, in a gamified educational environment, students often earn points, badges, or certificates for completing tasks, achieving milestones, or mastering specific skills. Game-like features, such as levels, puzzles and quests, are incorporated to create a more dynamic and immersive learning experience.

At FaVET Project gamification is one of the main intellectual outputs. Within this output two products have been designed i.e. a serious game, developed by IFPRS Normandie (the French partner) and an escape game, developed by 36.6 Competence Centre (the Polish partner). The aim of both games is to address the upskilling in the field of online learning processes’ planning and execution of both VET teachers as well as all persons interested in this field. The overall aim is TO HAVE FUN playing and at the same time learn new and useful pieces of information about online learning facilitation.

The serious game is the online application, in which you will help and try to be the assistant of Amy, a Super Teacher, by answering questions in different levels of the game. Upon completion of the serious game, the player will be awarded a certificate.

The escape game is primarily a tool to be played online, both as a part of in-class or blended learning process. The reasons for choosing this option were manifold, with general and easy 24/7 access to its resources as one of the main. Additionally, developing the game on the basis of the open Genially framework was intentional as it allows trainers and facilitators to adjust and develop it according to their needs.

Make sure to visit FaVET’s Project Results section here: https://favet.eu/project-results and try our game-based educational tools!
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