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The impact: Learn from the testimonials

Read the testimonials of more than six teachers who have been equipped with powerful digital tools to improve their online teaching and create a more engaging learning environment.

In these concise but insightful testimonials, you will gain insights from experienced teachers who have been supported in exploring innovative uses of technology in the educational landscape.

Discover and learn from the experts where the art of teaching meets the power of digital innovation.


"I am Susana, an English teacher for adults who wants to equip her students with effective communication skills.
I recently had the opportunity of participating in the piloting of the FaVET project, a experience that has influenced my online teaching approach. The project involved various lessons, each of which provided me with tools to improve my online teaching methods.
I must also comment on the Serious & Escape Game, which added an element of fun to the examination process. After all, I firmly believe that adults can have fun while learning too.
Overall, the FaVET project has provided me with new tools and techniques that will enable me to create better online classes."

Susana Ramos
English teacher

"I had the pleasure of participating in the FaVET Project, and I am compelled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience.
The learning course and its materials were exceptionally well-structured, offering a wealth of resources, case studies, and hands-on activities. The diverse range of topics covered, from communication strategies to conflict resolution techniques, equipped me with a versatile toolkit that I can adapt to various educational settings.
What truly sets this course apart from others is the gamification component in the form of the serious and escape games, which make learning more enjoyable, interactive and effective.
As an educator with extensive teaching experience, I can confidently say that the project and its tools are highly likely to become a game-changer in my professional development."

Sylwia Grešner

"I am a trainer at GRETA in Honfleur. I work on the several training programs in Normandy.
I had the opportunity to take part in the presentation of the FaVET project and the various tools that have been developed. I was able to gain a better understanding of how European ERASMUS KA2 projects work and how they have helped our network to innovate and create new teaching tools that can be used by our network of trainers.
We are particularly interested in these tools, as they can equip the trainers in the Greta Normandy network. Pedagogical tutors are delighted to offer freely accessible tools to trainers who need to enhance their skills in this field (e-learning, distance learning, etc.).
We appreciate the concept of a toolbox where we can select the tools we need when we need them. I consider using them with learners to introduce certain tools (Miro, Wetransfer, Canva, Teams...) and using pedagogical games as tools for positioning or diagnosing needs and discovering unknown applications or tools."

Julie Leramey
Adult trainer

"I am a teacher of informatics at the Postojna School Centre, high school.
Despite the fact that I am an informatics professor, the content of the FaVET program was very useful for me. The modules, lessons and self-assessment in the program are shown extremely transparently, which is what I liked the most.
With own user account, you can return to the modules at any time and use them in your lessons - especially some lessons on collaborative learning and some additional digital tools that I haven't come across yet will come in really handy in my work. I will also recommend the content to my colleagues."

Inge Šajn Hreščak
Informatics professor

"My name is Adina-Maria Popa, and I am a teacher at Preutești Elementary School in Suceava, Romania. I enthusiastically participated in piloting the results of the FaVET project, and the experience was truly revealing. Through this project, I gained significant competencies in gamification, opening new horizons for developing a captivating and effective online learning environment. The three outcomes - E-Pathway, Serious Game, and Escape Game, along with the comprehensive Guide, have inspired me and provided innovative tools.
In my future facilitation activities, I intend to integrate this knowledge, promoting online collaborative work and maintaining social connections even in the virtual environment. These innovative approaches will enhance my information delivery, team management in the virtual environment, and knowledge-building with students and learners. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this project, and my enthusiasm is reflected in the desire to share the benefits of this innovative training with my colleagues and the school community."

Adina-Maria Popa

"On 7 December 2023, I participated in the Favet Multiplier event held in Eduko, where the results of the project were presented. The event was very informative and rewarding. Although I don't work in VET myself, I found it interesting to learn about interesting solutions for assessing and developing teachers' distance learning and teaching skills. The game-based material presented at the event was fun and will certainly lower the threshold for teachers to develop their distance learning and teaching skills.
In the Favet project, project actors have managed to work well together, with impressive results. I hope that the results of the Favet project can be used in the work of the Civic Education Centre and further developed to meet the needs of our institution's teaching development."

Tiina Kirvesniemi
Principal in Kouvola Civic Education Centre
Captura de pantalla 2024-01-31 103101

"To become familiar with new pedagogical tools to better face the new realities that we live today in the world of Vocational Training; Jaume Pellicer, a teacher of Care for people in situations of dependency, participated in the multiplier event organized by IES Julio Antonio European programs committee on December 13th, 2023.
The mobility coordinator, Mireia Simón, explained, in an eminently practical way, the various resources contained in the platform and, therefore, all the pedagogical potential offered by the FAVET project. The first thing we did was a self-assessment questionnaire to know our level of development on the 6 key competencies (design and creativity; facilitation; collective intelligence; high-quality communication; shared leadership and interactivity at a distance) for digital facilitators that the project itself has designed.
Later, we immersed ourselves in the different lessons based on the philosophy of active learning, where knowledge and skills are acquired through practice. We were also able to learn by playing with the escape game where time flew by without expecting it.
Several things were clear in this event:
Firstly, the undoubted value of participating in European projects is that they enrich teachers educationally, linguistically, and culturally.
Secondly, the close cooperation between several European school institutions has contributed to the creation of a community of highly trained teachers, with open minds and international experience.
Likewise, we are convinced that this FAVET project will be the starting point for future international pedagogical proposals that promote the European dimension of education; foster improvements in the quality of Vocational Training and encourage the internationalization of our school institutions."

Jaume Pellicer
Teacher in IES Julio Antonio (Móra d’Ebre)
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