FaVET: Facilitation for VET trainers and teachers

About the project

“FaVET: Facilitation for VET trainers and teachers” is a project in the field of vocational education and training, which aims at helping teachers/trainers who had to adapt their teaching methods to the use of technology and digital tools, develop the 6 competences included in the skills framework for the trainer-facilitator in the digital age.  

The outbreak of COVID-19 have caused significant disruption to the provision of education/training/mobility opportunities for learners, teachers and educators across the EU. All institutions have had to adapt in order to be able to provide training and education and have turned to online training. Training providers still need to adapt to the implementation of training within the framework of hybrid systems (blended learning combined face-to-face and distance) or completely open/distance learning (ODL) and thus train their trainers to ensure its delivery. This project will provide teachers/trainers with a methodology enabling them to create a favorable learning environment for distance learners; they will learn how to improve the delivery of online contents, to organize distance group work and the rhythm and type of interactions with learners, to develop distance collaborative work, to maintain social links even if learners study remotely, to make learners take initiatives regarding the learning process, to develop a knowledge building approach. 

our goals


Help them adapt

Help them adapt to a new VET environment and new relationships with learners

Fill in the gap

Fill in the gap regarding the new required competences of trainers/teachers

Develop (OER)

Develop Open Educational Resources (OER) with new methods and tools to deliver quality and inclusive education and training through online and virtual means

Support learners

Support learners in their learning process with upskilled teams and the delivery of high quality training




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