Program's Latest Meeting


in Rouen, France

On November 30, 2023, the FaVET (Facilitation for VET Trainers and Teachers) program convened its latest and last meeting in Rouen, France, providing a significant platform for collaboration and progress. The gathering covered a range of critical topics, reflecting the dedication of the project to enhancing vocational education and training. Here is an overview of the discussions held during this event:

The meeting in Rouen commenced with a warm official welcome from our French partners from IFPRA NORMANDIE, fostering a collaborative and engaging atmosphere. Participants were greeted, and the agenda for the day was meticulously presented. The agenda served as a roadmap, guiding the participants through the various key items and discussions that would unfold throughout the meeting.

The meeting extensively covered project management, including a review of the FaVET program’s current status, milestones, and challenges. Project managers shared valuable insights, ensuring alignment with timelines. A detailed progress overview highlighted achievements and areas for development, followed by discussions on the strategic path forward.

The first project result, E-Pathway, was discussed for feedback and clarity.

The session then shifted to the second result, the FaVET Escape Game, emphasizing its role in upskilling VET teachers. The afternoon session focused on the Serious Game, showcasing its practical benefits.

The meeting concluded with discussions on dissemination and exploitation strategies, emphasizing wider impact and sustainability.

The event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue, feedback, and strategic planning, further solidifying the project’s position at the forefront of innovative educational initiatives.

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