Unique learning experience


in Kouvola, Finland

Educators and trainers from all over Europe recently met at the Eduko facility for a unique learning experience developed by FaVET. Our goal? To improve distance learning skills and share insights from vocational education (VET).

The event started with a captivating workshop where participants learned first-hand how Finnish schools design their lessons. Participants had the privilege of observing classroom dynamics and learning about specific teaching methods.
After this experience, participants attended a series of workshops on the micro-modules developed within the FaVET project. These workshops provided an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and give participants valuable tools for their professional development. It was also a great opportunity to play the Serious and Escape Game!

This experience was a remarkable opportunity to disseminate knowledge and create new collaborations between VET teachers and trainers from different backgrounds. Not only were the innovative practices of the Finnish education system VET presented, but participants also had the opportunity to improve their distance learning skills thanks to the extensive resources of the FaVET project. In addition to our digital learning experiences, we also had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of Kouvola by visiting stunning locations and enjoying our time in these places.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and we all returned home with new knowledge to improve online teaching and create even more engaging online courses! What’s next for us? A powerful guide and a meeting in France. Read on so you don’t miss anything!

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