IFPRA Normandie

Chaired by the Rector of the Normandy Academy and directed by the Normandy Regional Academic Delegate for Initial and Continuing Vocational Training (DRAFPIC), IFPRA was created on 1 January 2021 to fulfil 3 essential missions in the service of academic vocational training policy:

  1. Leading and driving academic policy on vocational training, …

  2. Support institutions involved in vocational training (high schools,…)

  3. Supporting academic projects…

IFPRA represents the values and quality of the vocational training service provided by the French education system throughout Normandy, with strong academic guidance and a local presence that is essential in terms of being close to the needs and players on the ground, via its 18 territorial agencies for vocational training in the French education system, its 60 educational establishments, including 34 apprenticeship training units that take on apprentices throughout Normandy. 

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