fundacija prizma

PRIZMA Foundation for improvement of employment possibilities connects the social partners and other key stakeholders in Podravje region, Slovenia. With successful applications for public tenders (EU and national), we provide funds for:

  • Matching supply and demand in the local labor market,
  • encouraging investment in human resources development, 
  • intensification of investments in the development of competencies, 
  • lifelong learning for both the employed and the unemployed, 
  • development and support of the social economy sector and social innovation.


Fields of Work:

  • Career and competence development 
  • Human resource management 
  • Social Entrepreneurship


We develop competencies for smart specialization, industrial transition, and entrepreneurship, advise and support companies/organizations in the field of strategic human resource development, improving working conditions and improving approaches and models of active aging and managing an age-diverse workforce. Also, we are creating a supportive environment for the further development of the social economy sector.

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