Module 4 - Assessment

Facilitator is capable of establishing high-quality communication in relationships with and between students to open and encourage interactions and good learning/work online. Demonstrates the psychosocial and communication skills to maintain a state of mental well-being to communicate and interact with others in an adaptive and supportive, positive way. Understands themselves and others and reacts/behaves accordingly to build high-quality interactions and communication.

We kindly ask you to assess the identified 6 key competencies with using the 5-point rating self-assessment scale:

    • 0: Undeveloped (I do not have a developed element of competence; I am not trained)
    • 1: Basic (I have developed the element of competence below on satisfactory level; I am not qualified to perform independently)
    • 2: Satisfying (I have developed the element of competence satisfactorily, while improvements are still possible; I can implement independently, complications are possible only in unusual situations)
    • 3: Optimally (I have the element of competence optimally developed, as I perform independently even in unusual situations; I work at the level of automaticity)
    • 4: Perfect (I have fully developed the element of competence; I am an example to others when implementing, I can transfer knowledge to them)

MM4.1: Capable of self-reflection of own thoughts, emotions, and behaviour with acknowledge own functioning in communication with others.

MM4.2: Use stress management strategies and techniques for mitigating one's own feelings, thoughts and behaviour, to self-manage one's own functioning in an interaction with others.

MM4.3: Generate interest in students’ opinions, needs, feelings by listening to them actively, asking questions, taking their perspective etc. in a digital face-to-face learning process.

MM4.4: Manage and encourage students to manage social interactions and communications by using supporting, motivational statements, and questions.

MM4.5: Perform active listening in a communication with others using active listening techniques.

MM4.6: Use assertive style of communication with assertive techniques.

MM4.7: Create and give quality constructive feedback in communication with others in a time-saving manner.

MM4.8: Use preventive conflict management principles for a constructive conflict resolution in an online learning process.

MM4.9: Communicate with a clear communication strategy to transfer information with mixed communication modes for effective messages to students effectively.

MM4.10: Be able to produce and practises written digital messages following netiquette on communicating online.

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