Module 5 - Assessment

Facilitators can implement shared leadership in online teaching and learning processes, where power and influence are shared with all students. Motivates everyone’s commitment to actions and gives everyone the possibility to take initiatives, contribute to learning progress and perform acts of leadership. Is able to give students more autonomy and responsibility for working and connects all students in decision-making. Addresses students’ strengths/potentials and supports students in becoming active and valuable team members.

We kindly ask you to assess the identified 6 key competencies with using the 5-point rating self-assessment scale:

    • 0: Undeveloped (I do not have a developed element of competence; I am not trained)
    • 1: Basic (I have developed the element of competence below on satisfactory level; I am not qualified to perform independently)
    • 2: Satisfying (I have developed the element of competence satisfactorily, while improvements are still possible; I can implement independently, complications are possible only in unusual situations)
    • 3: Optimally (I have the element of competence optimally developed, as I perform independently even in unusual situations; I work at the level of automaticity)
    • 4: Perfect (I have fully developed the element of competence; I am an example to others when implementing, I can transfer knowledge to them)

MM5.1: Be able to understand the essence of a shared leadership style.

MM5.2: Identify essential differences between shared and traditional leadership.

MM5.3: Manage to recognize and understand common points of Shared and Distributed Leadership.

MM5.4: Present the advantages of the Shared Leadership concept.

MM5.5: Present the disadvantages of the Shared Leadership concept.

MM5.6: Be able to recognise the main challenges to meet while attempting implementation of shared leadership in online mode.

MM5.7: Effectively meet challenges of remote working environment for better performance of teams and organisations.

MM5.8: Justify the sustainability of Shared Leadership concept.

MM5.9: Capable of explaining how Authority, Power and Accountability is perceived within the Shared Leadership concept and how those three elements should be properly implemented for the effectiveness of teams and organisations.

MM5.10: Manage to implement Shared Leadership concept following the guidelines and tips from good practice examples and case studies.

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